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Speaker on Sustainability and ESG

Rosalind’s mission as a speaker is to simplify Sustainability and ESG for businesses.

She is a recognised authority on the role that business leaders can - and should - play in setting, leading and promoting ESG and Sustainability strategies.


Such strategies support profitable and efficient business and contribute to broader development outcomes.  It’s this central theme which permeates all of Rosalind’s speaking events.


Having worked in business, from operational to board level, in some of the toughest sectors, Rosalind possesses a deep understanding of the tensions that businesses face to balance financial value creation with addressing political, social, environmental and governance factors.


As a result, Rosalind is able to convey her unique depth of expertise and specialised knowledge with a human understanding, illustrated through a wealth of tales. She brings pragmatic, commercially-focused recommendations to her talks with gravitas, professionalism and humour.


Speaker on Sustainability and ESG

Podcast by Rosalind Kainyah, in association with Actis - Equality in Africa
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Speaking Topics

ESG – pure cost or value creating?

Exploring the perceived conflicts between financial performance and ESG, Rosalind explains how and why businesses can deliver their service or product for profit without overspending the world’s natural resources or overusing or abusing human resources She argues the importance of transparency and accountability and demonstrates how the right ESG initiatives can create value, improve efficiency and stimulate business growth.

Simplifying Sustainability: Believe it or not, you need rice to make good jollof rice!

Drawing on her years of operational experience, Rosalind demystifies sustainability theory and translates it into tangible action from the factory floor to the Boardroom. She explains and demonstrates how business leaders can identify and prioritise ESG and Sustainability risks and opportunities. She takes her audience “back to basics”, Rosalind explains and demonstrates how business leaders can identify and prioritise their ESG and Sustainability risks and opportunities and effectively manage the risks and enhance the opportunities.

Unearthing Africa’s true hidden gems

The fundamentals of sustainability - meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own – are already a way of life for many on the African continent. Reframing the portrayal of Africa and African businesses as those who must be helped, Rosalind casts the spotlight on some of the latest trends, developments and innovations from the continent, particularly within the field of ESG and sustainability.

Myth or Truth? Consumers will pay a premium for sustainable products

Using case studies, Rosalind breaks down the "attitude-behaviour gap" in premium sustainable products. While two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for a sustainable product, two-thirds of retailers believe they will not (Forbes 2022). Rosalind demonstrates that adopting and communicating about real sustainable practices, without "greenwashing", enables companies to charge a premium for goods and services.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – the Skin or the Substance?

What does diversity mean to you? Rosalind believes it is about bringing together our lived experiences, as determined by our social, educational and economic environments. She emphasises the importance of recognising the differences in our lived experience, in order to truly understand the value of diversity and bring about inclusion and equality. We must look beyond percentages in diversity and instead look at the substance.

Speaking Events

Nov 2022:  Mines and Money, London

Oct 2022:  TheBoardroom Africa Webinar - "Should companies engage on sensitive social issues?"

Sept 2022:  Climate Action, Sustainable Investment Forum North America