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  • Dr Ishmael E. Yamson, Chairman - MTN Ghana
    I have read quite extensively about ESG and sustainability, and I thought I had full grasp of the issues and the urgency of what is needed to be done until I attended Rosalind’s Masterclass presentation. Literature about ESG tend to be rather too technical but Rosalind made it profoundly easy to understand and appreciate the implications of what will be the inevitable consequences if we fail as corporates to help solve societal problems. It was clearly a professional presentation, delivered with clarity and conviction. I have since recommended an oil palm plantation company to send candidates to her scheduled programmes and I will continue to encourage more companies to show greater interest in ESG. Thank you, Rosalind, for adding to my knowledge and excitement of ESG and the need for corporates to put it at the very core of strategy.
  • Adwoa Wiafe, Chief Corporate Services & Sustainability Officer - MTN Ghana
    I had the opportunity to engage Rosalind in different training contexts and found her depth and ability to speak to Sustainability and ESG with different lenses remarkable. She adopts a very pragmatic approach to her Sustainability/ESG conversations, teasing out issues pertinent to the relevant organization or situation, and using her vast experience across industries to drive her points home. She is able to design her training programmes to economize on time to suit the schedules of senior executives and Board members without sacrificing content. Her style is easy, flexible, and interactive. I was extremely pleased with Rosalind’s programmes and highly recommend her as a facilitator for Sustainability and ESG training.
  • Shaibu Haruna, CEO - MobileMoney Limited (Ghana)
    Thank you, Rosalind, for the great ESG session with the team. It was very insightful and triggered a lot of thought around how we can elevate our focus on this integral component of our business. I was personally impressed with your conscious effort in developing and grooming talents in this space. Wishing you all the best and hope to engage soon.
  • Selorm Adadevoh, Chief Executive Officer - MTN Ghana
    I experienced Rosalind’s exceptional thought-leadership as part of MTN Ghana’s Leadership and Board of Directors ESG development programs. I have to say, Rosalind got me right at the start with her diversity of professional skills, the context of her purpose and why she does what she does, and the relevance of her background. Secondly, her style of leading the discussions was captivating, thought-provoking and totally engaging throughout the sessions. She took abstract out of ESG in favour of pragmatism, and she brought relevance for Ghana and Africa deeply into the conversation. A class act, no doubt.
  • Teye Mkushi, Executive Director, Finance - Diageo
    "Rosalind made such an impactful impression that we invited her to speak not once but twice. Her breadth of experience combined with her desire to use every interaction to learn more, means she is able to skilfully use her voice to provoke thoughts and actions that enable her audience to see how they can tangibly contribute to their company's ESG agenda. That is why I'm excited to see the impact her voice will have in bringing African solutions to Africa ESG opportunities and risks."
  • Nana Appiah-Korang, Non-Executive Director - Vanguard Assurance Company Limited
    “Thank you so much Rosalind for an amazing ESG Masterclass. I particularly enjoyed the company-specific simulation sessions. I also found the real-life examples you shared from your own experience and from the industry very relevant and interesting. The class was engaging. ​ The feedback from the board as well as management has been very positive. We are all now geared up to build on this awesome foundation.”
  • Dan Mobley Global Corporate Relations Director - Diageo
    “Rosalind’s curiosity about our organisation and thorough preparation built a foundation for an inspiring, thought-provoking, and energising discussion amongst global Corporate Relations function. Drawing on her wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as her good humour and authenticity, Rosalind easily built connections with our attendees, not an easy feat over zoom, and brought examples of ESG best practice to our group that were relevant and motivating. The feedback received from our global team for Rosalind’s session was outstanding and a true highlight of the three-day conference for many.”
  • Chigozie Ejimogu Head of Sustainability - Verod Capital Management Ltd
    “Rosalind is one big name we are not in a hurry to forget when we tell our story about our ESG transformation journey especially our quest to building ESG competent board. She did an amazing job in designing a capacity building program tailored to the desired specifics capturing the interest of our board-member audience and helping to resolve some draw-back myths around ESG incorporation as part of board mandate. The delivery of the program was fantastic and highly professional. We are grateful for the support and would continue to leverage Rosalind’s rare expertise in this field to continue to drive our sustainability agenda.”
  • Sandy Stash Independent Non-Executive Director at Diversified Gas & Oil Corporation, Former Executive Vice President at Tullow Oil plc
    "Rosalind is an exceptionally gifted business, external affairs and ESG leader at both the executive and non-executive director levels. She has a unique ability to provide strategic insights grounded in a deep understanding of working in emerging economies. She is very effective at balancing multiple interests while leading discussions of complex issues. She is especially skilled at both developing innovative solutions - and delivering those solutions to grow business opportunities and manage risks."
  • Lisa Pinsley Partner, Head of Middle East & Africa Energy - Actis LLP
    "We engaged Rosalind Kainyah and her team at Kina Advisory to develop and deliver a Corporate Diplomacy Masterclass to the Actis Energy Infrastructure team and 3 of our energy platform companies.  Rosalind and her team produced, tailored and delivered a Masterclass which was well received by all participants, highly relevant and gave much food for thought.  One key highlight was the use of real-life examples that they shared, including a case study that enabled us to think through our own business realities and challenges. The guiding principles and management framework demonstrated the importance of understanding our operating context and environment much earlier in our investment process. Critical to Actis and our portfolio companies is actionable learning, and Kina’s masterclass provided a sound and robust basis for putting in place a stakeholder management strategy and process that would measurably improve our external relationships critical to the success of our businesses. Finally, working with the Kina team was pleasure, as they were extremely responsive, and they provide a value for money product. "
  • Jennifer Boca Head of Responsible Investment - Lekela Power
    "Rosalind has supported Lekela as an Advisor and her great insights on ESG risks are a testament to her deep knowledge and understanding of the African continent. She works to the highest integrity standards and is committed to promoting responsible business across the continent. Rosalind is passionate about her work and is truly inspirational. She is also committed to mentoring and supporting others in their careers and in particular shines a light for up and coming African female talent through her leadership and genuine compassion for others."
  • David Lawrie Chief Operating Officer at Right to Dream, and former Vice President West Africa at Tullow Oil plc
    "I have known and worked with Rosalind for nearly 10 years. I love her insights, honesty and integrity. She has great networks and relationships across Africa and beyond, and is someone I trust completely for advice."
  • Pamela Uwakwe Department of Justice (Ireland), Former Group Socio-Economic Investment Manager -Tullow Oil plc
    "Rosalind is an incredibly talented professional with strong leadership and clear vision. She has successfully led complex External Affairs and Sustainability organizations with multiple players at diversified cultural settings. She forms relationships with diverse persons in various environments with ease, and makes positive things happen by creating win-win scenarios. Rosalind’s strength is in enabling results and creating cohesion, all while exemplifying technical, organizational and personal excellence. Rosalind is an extremely effective manager and executive demonstrating integrity and passion in everything she does."
  • Guy Alexander ESG Director - British International Investment (formerly CDC Group)
    "Kina, led by Rosalind Kainyah, and CDC have collaborated on delivery on an Environmental, Social and Business Integrity (ES&BI) Masterclass for board level professionals since 2017 and delivered the course on 8 occasions to date including in Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Lagos, Mumbai and Nairobi for its portfolio. Over 200 investment and board professionals have now attended the course.   CDC sees the Board-level training delivered by Kina as the culmination of a broader learning journey and workshop programme. The programme is principally focussed on the practical implementation of operational ESG considerations in emerging market PE funds and portfolio companies including on climate consideration, gender value chain approaches, E&S management systems and effective human resource approaches. Board-level oversight training, focussed on skills and risk management structures, is a useful and necessary complement, helping boards refine how to set the tone on ESG and business integrity from the top down. This objective was the genesis of the Kina collaboration with CDC.   The module delivered by Kina has received strong feedback, not least as a consequence of the personal and practical experiences brought by the team. In terms of impact, participants have spoken of increased awareness and confidence on how boards might set the tone on ESG matters and in some cases, creation of new committees (or adapting existing ones) to ensure that enhanced sustainability focus is included within remit of board oversight."
  • James Nicholson Head of Corporate Responsibility - Trafigura
    "Rosalind Kainyah has proven herself adept in both event coordination and, above all, helping and challenging her clients to engage in meaningful dialogue on complex matters with a broad spectrum of stakeholders."
  • Phyllis Woode Nartey Head, Group Communications and Synergies - Enterprise Group Limited
    "Rosalind Kainyah is a joy to work with. Her expertise and experience in the area of corporate social investment is unquestionable. With her guidance, not only did we develop a CSI strategy that ensures that our projects that are sustainable because they align with the company's business drivers, but also, the implementation is done is accordance with international best practices.  You work with Rosalind and her team and you learn so much, because they handhold without creating dependency. Truly they are one of the most professional teams I have had the privilege of working with.  I will recommend them without any hesitation whatsoever."
  • Steve Jernigan Managing Director - Endeavour Energy Holdings LLC
    "Endeavor Energy has worked with Rosalind and Kina Advisory on numerous projects in a variety of capacities and we have been consistently impressed with not only the results delivered but also the level of professionalism from Rosalind and her team. As an international company doing business in Ghana, it is extremely important for us to work with advisors who not only understand our needs, but who also have the deep local experience and relationships that Rosalind and Kina Advisory have. I know we can always count on Rosalind and Kina Advisory to get the job done right and on time."
  • Sakinda Skinner Washington DC, Director of Litigation and Advocacy, Neighbourhood Legal Services Program
    "Rosalind was one of my best supervisors ever. She not only expected the best from me, but was also an inspiring leader. Rosalind illustrated a genuine example of leadership, compassion, and integrity. Although I no longer work for Rosalind, I consider her to be a wonderful career mentor."
  • Fiifi Enchill Social Performance Manager - Tullow Ghana Limited
    "KINA came to the assignment – the development of a flagship corporate social investment programme - with an impressive depth of knowledge and experience. They willingly used the results of research they had conducted previously which saved us time and money in executing the assignment. They were prompt, very professional and gave real value for money"
  • Chibugo Okafor Founder and CEO of Kendake Honey
    "Rosalind is an exceptional and a one-of-a-kind mentor. Over the years, her message has been the same - use sustainability to drive value and create successful businesses. ​ She has conveyed decades of dedication, excellence, and resolute as the CEO of Kina Advisory and board member of several exceptional organisations across various sectors. ​ She carved her own path and remained focused. She is a great leader to emulate, her tenacious skills are infectious and her needle-sharp focus is admirable. ​ Rosalind has been an intentional mentor, which is testament to her character. With Rosalind as a mentor, you can expect clear-cut direction, strategic guidance and a character building experience."
  • Ifeoma Dike Environmental, Social and Governance Manager - African Capital Alliance
    "My mentorship program with Rosalind Kainyah started while preparing for a career transition to an executive role. My main objective was to gain clarity on the next phase of my career. Though I wanted a new challenge, I was unsure how to proceed. Rosalind is an inspiration, and her guidance has been invaluable. Every piece of advice she gives is GOLD, and every session with her is a mind shift. In a short time, she helped increase my level of self-awareness, identify areas for improvement, and repositioned my thinking, unveiling new strengths in the process. Her guidance has given me visibility and significance in my workplace, as I am well equipped to navigate my blind spots. She challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and confidently do things differently. Rosalind has truly positioned me for the next phase of my professional journey, and I now have more clarity on my next course of action. As a mentor, she is a true professional, open, willing, honest, and ready to put in the work to bring out the best in YOU. Her warmth, encouragement, and depth of experience are all qualities I have learned from. Her willingness to share during our regular conversations has helped me grow immensely, both personally and professionally. The best part of our mentoring relationship is the gift of an advocate and friend, which I will cherish for a lifetime. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reposition themselves and thrive. Thank you, Rosalind."
  • Khurshed Moakes, Chief Operating Officer – TheBoardroom Africa
    "We engaged Rosalind Kainyah as a Course Facilitator on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Certificate Programme. Rosalind's expertise in ESG concepts and principles made her a natural fit for the programme. Participants were actively engaged throughout her sessions and appreciated the practical insights and solutions she shared for implementing the ESG agenda and navigating associated risks so they could realise the value-adding benefits of ESG in their own organisations. Rosalind's delivery and presentation skills are exceptional. Using appropriate tools and techniques to communicate complex content while also encouraging active participation among participants speaks volumes of her unique ability to take the audience on the journey with her. Her delivery method is refreshing and outstanding among her peers."
  • Amma Benneh-Amponsah, Chief Human Resource Officer - MTN Ghana
    "This testimonial is to express my appreciation for the exceptional Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) presentation delivered by Rosalind Kainyah to the MTN Ghana leadership team. Rosalind’s expertise, knowledge, and ability to engage the audience left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Rosalind’s deep understanding of environment, social, and governance issues, along with her ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and relatable manner, was truly impressive. The presentation covered various ESG topics, provided valuable insights, real-world examples, and practical strategies for integrating ESG practices into our business and its impact on business sustainability and long-term success. Additionally, Rosalind’s ability to convey the business case for ESG whiles linking it to our organization’s values and ambition was particularly valuable. I highly recommend Rosalind Kainyah to any team seeking to deepen their understanding of sustainability, ESG practices and the role they play in driving positive business change. We are grateful for the expertise shared and we look forward to the opportunity to work with Rosalind again in the future."
  • Vincent Lecat, Head of Impact and ESG - Development Partners International (DPI) LLP
    Rosalind was a speaker at our 2023 annual CEO meeting, that brings together the management teams of all our Portfolio companies. She presented an overview of ESG and sustainability and how to integrate it in the core business and management of companies. She shared her real-life examples and experiences of integrating ESG from the operating level through to the board level in contexts similar to those faced by our portfolio companies. She also answered questions and shared further insights during a Q&A session with one of our CEO which was a great experience and one of the highlights of the day. Many members of the management teams said they had learnt a lot from the session and wanting to develop further their knowledge on the topic.
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