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About Rosalind

Sustainability Advisor & Speaker

Rosalind is a Sustainability Advisor and Ambassador for African businesses and a speaker on the role that business leaders play in driving a corporate Sustainability agenda.

Rosalind has over 30 years of international, legal, operational, executive and board experience in a variety of sectors, including energy, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure, private equity, financial services and manufacturing. She has worked across Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia and the South Pacific for companies and organisations, including Linklaters, Anglo American, De Beers, Tullow Oil plc, the United Nations Environment Programme, University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Unit and ERM.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Ghana, a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London, and a Master of Laws degree from University College London.  She is a member of the Bar of England and Wales (Gray’s Inn) and of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Rosalind Kainyah in a colourful business suit, walking along a tree-lined path with a big smile

Corporate Sustainability

Rosalind Kainyah MBE, a leading sustainability advisor and speaker, simplifies the concepts of Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) for businesses of all sizes. With expertise and clarity, she advises business leaders on making Corporate Sustainability an integral part of business operations.


Sustainability Courses for African Businesses

In addition to speaking on Sustainability, Rosalind designs and delivers courses on Sustainability and ESG to Boards, C-Suite executives and business leaders of companies in Africa, to provide them with the practical insights and tools they require to develop, implement and promote their Corporate Sustainability strategies.


Each Masterclass is specifically tailored to meet the company’s objectives and challenges and aimed at creating Sustainability agendas that support business profitability and efficiency and contribute to broader social and economic development in Africa.   

Sustainability Ambassador

Rosalind's mission is to simplify sustainability for African business leaders so they are equipped and empowered to:

  • Find the right and appropriate solutions for our sustainability challenges and

  • Be part of shaping solutions to global sustainability challenges

board memberships

Current Boards

Rosalind has extensive board room experience, chairing Sustainability, Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committees and is a member of Audit & Risk Committees.

Past Boards


Awards & Honours

Rosalind Kainyah, Sustainability Advisor and Speaker, walking towards the camera

I have read quite extensively about ESG and Sustainability, and I thought I had full grasp of the issues and the urgency of what is needed to be done until I attended Rosalind’s Masterclass presentation. Literature about ESG tend to be rather too technical but Rosalind made it profoundly easy to understand and appreciate the implications of what will be the inevitable consequences if we fail as corporates to help solve societal problems. It was clearly a professional presentation, delivered with clarity and conviction. I have since recommended an oil palm plantation company to send candidates to her scheduled programmes and I will continue to encourage more companies to show greater interest in ESG.

Thank you, Rosalind, for adding to my knowledge and excitement of ESG and the need for corporates to put it at the very core of strategy.”

Dr Ishmael E. Yamson


MTN Ghana

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