Sustainability Masterclasses

Through her company, Kina Advisory Limited, Rosalind provides strategic advice to board directors and business leaders on setting, leading and driving Sustainability agendas throughout their companies. 

Rosalind does so primarily through Kina Sustainability Masterclasses, each one specifically tailored to meet the objectives and needs of individual client companies. 

Her clients’ businesses cover a wide range of sectors, including the extractive industries, infrastructure, energy (conventional and renewable), financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and FMCG.


Environmental, Social and Business Integrity Masterclass for Boards and Senior Executives  

This Masterclass is designed for Board Directors and Senior Managers to build executive-level understanding and practical knowledge of how corporate leaders set and drvive sustainability agendas that support profitable and efficient business.


The Masterclass is the evolution of the highly successful programme that Kina developed for British International Investment (formerly the CDC Group plc), the UK's development finance institution and delivered to portfolio companies and fund managers.   

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Corporate Diplomacy Masterclass for Senior Executives and Senior Managers 

This Masterclass builds Senior Mangers’ understanding of the importance of adopting a strategic and structured approach to stakeholder engagement and the role of corporate leaders in fostering a Corporate Diplomacy mindset and culture within their organisation. 

Participants explore how to integrate corporate diplomacy into the organisation's way of working, in order to be effective in meeting project and business objectives. 


Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Masterclass for Senior Executives and Senior Managers

The Masterclass is designed to enable executive and senior managers to take the critical steps in developing a smart corporate social investment strategy that is commercially focused, delivers business value, supports the company's licence to operate and achieves measurable social development outcomes. 


ESG Masterclass for Private Equity & Fund Managers

The ESG Masterclass for Private Equity & Fund Managers equips them to effectively understand and manage the ESG risks and opportunities as part of the investment process including funding rounds.   

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Enhancing ESG Voice and Leadership

The objective of this Masterclass is to enable ESG leaders to effectively enhance their voices and articulate the role and value of Sustainability in their businesses. 


The Sustainability Masterclass for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)

The Sustainability Masterclass for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) is designed specifically for SMEs to provide an overview of the trends influencing the Sustainability agenda, an explanation of the different components of Sustainability and the business case for integrating Sustainability practices into their business model.


The key objective of the Masterclass is for participants to start analysing what aspects of sustainability is most relevant to their specific businesses and to identify the resulting business value drivers. 

"Kina Advisory, led by Rosalind Kainyah, and CDC have collaborated on an Environmental, Social and Business Integrity (ES&BI) Masterclass for board directors. The module delivered by Kina has received strong feedback, not least as a consequence of the personal and practical experiences brought by the team. Participants have spoken of increased awareness and confidence on how boards set the tone on ESG matters to ensure enhanced sustainability focus."

Guy Alexander, ESG Director
British International Investment (formerly CDC Group)