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Sustainability Masterclasses

During her bespoke Masterclasses, Rosalind provides salient and practical advice on Sustainability. Working with board directors and business leaders, Rosalind supports companies to meet their individual goal and to establish, guide and propel their Sustainability and ESG agenda.

Sustainability Masterclasses

Environmental, Social & Governance Masterclass for Boards and Senior Executives  

Designed for Board Directors and Senior Executives, this Masterclass builds the understanding and practical knowledge of how corporate leaders set and drive sustainability agendas that support profitable and efficient business, with a particular focus on the role and responsibilities of the Board.

It is the evolution of the highly successful programme that Rosalind developed for British International Investment (formerly CDC Group plc), the UK's development finance institution and delivered to portfolio companies and fund managers.

Watch Rosalind deliver a short segment of the Masterclass - Environmental, Social and Governance Masterclass for Boards and Senior Executives.

Corporate Diplomacy Masterclass for Senior Executives and Senior Managers 

Corporate Diplomacy is the role corporate leaders, managers and employees play in advancing their company’s interests by negotiating and creating long term interest-based alliances with key external players, achieving sustainable outcomes for all parties.

This Masterclass enhances the understanding and ability of business leaders to adopt a strategic and structured approach to stakeholder engagement. It teaches participants how to foster and integrate a Corporate Diplomacy mindset and culture within their organisation to meet project and business objectives.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Masterclass for Senior Executives and Senior Managers

The Masterclass provides guidance to executive and senior managers to develop a commercially focused social investment strategies that deliver business value, support the company's licence to operate and achieve measurable social development outcomes.

Enhancing ESG Voice and Leadership

The objective of this Masterclass is to enable ESG leaders to effectively enhance their voices and articulate the role and value of Sustainability in their businesses.

The Sustainability Masterclass for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)

This Masterclass provides an overview of Sustainability trends and the components and benefits of ESG. Its goal is to help SMEs analyse relevant aspects of Sustainability and identify resulting business value drivers.

ESG Masterclass for Private Equity & Fund Managers

This Masterclass equips Private Equity & Fund Managers to effectively understand and manage ESG risks and opportunities as part of the investment process, including funding rounds. 

Mentoring and Connecting

Mentoring and Connecting

Every year, Rosalind provides support and guidance to four women on their careers. Would you like to discuss mentoring with Rosalind?

"Clear-cut direction, strategic guidance and a character building experience!"
- Chibugo Okafor, Founder and CEO of Kendake Honey

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“Thank you so much Rosalind for an amazing ESG Masterclass. I particularly enjoyed the company-specific simulation sessions.


I also found the real-life examples you shared from your own experience and from the industry very relevant and interesting. The class was engaging.

The feedback from the board as well as management has been very positive. We are all now geared up to build on this awesome foundation.”

Nana Appiah-Korang

Non-Executive Director

Vanguard Assurance Company Limited

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